Rereplay claims TFT Worlds title at Monsters’ Attack World Championship


Rereplay claims TFT Worlds title at Monsters’ Attack World Championship

From the 26th to the 29th of May, 32 of the best TFT players from nine regions around the globe competed at the Monsters’ Attack World Championship, with Rereplay taking home the trophy and earning the first Worlds title for the North American region.

Both Setsuko, also from the NA region, Rereplay dominated the standings during the group stages of the tournament, placing first and second on the leaderboard respectively. Following the group stages, points were reset and where Rereplay continued to dominate a number of rounds, Setsuko failed to maintain his win streak and ultimately placed 8/8.

Game five came down to a China vs. NA showdown, with Rereplay and Flancy being the final two players battling for a lobby win.

“I thought I was the best player heading into the tournament,” said Rereplay

It turns out, Rereplay was right. Fielding an Ox Force / Spellslinger comp in the final round, Rereplay finished the tournament with not only first place for the round, but a first place overall and earning NA its first TFT Worlds title.

The casting and stage talent for the tournament were also really top notch from Riot, so if you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out some of the match VODs.

Tom Wade

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