Valve Brings Game-changing Updates to CS2 for June 2023

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Valve Brings Game-changing Updates to CS2 for June 2023

For lovers of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), Valve is back with a fantastic update. A sizable update for the well-known game, which includes new features and enhancements, was published by Valve on June 7, 2023. Every CS2 player will experience game-changing moments thanks to the update, which also raises the bar for the game. Everyone will like this update, whether they have been CS2 fans for a long time or are fresh to it. Continue reading to learn more about the next update!

Mirage in, Dust 2 out

Mirage has been a fan favorite in the FPS genre for over a decade. Designed by Michael “BubkeZ” Hull in collaboration with Valve, it has become a staple map in the Counter-Strike community. With the release of the new CS2 patch in June 2023, Mirage is officially replacing Dust2 as a core map.

For those unfamiliar with Mirage, it is set in a North African desert and features two bombsites, a maze of alleys, and a mix of long and short sightlines. It’s known for its versatility and balance, making it a favorite of both casual and professional players alike.

The CS2 update will bring new modifications to Mirage, and everyone with access to the beta can test out these changes. With Mirage replacing Dust2, we can expect to see a shift in competitive play as players adapt to this new addition. Overall, we are excited to see what Mirage will bring to the table and how it will shake up the competitive scene.

Buy Menu Changes and Loadout 

Valve’s latest update for Counter-Strike is bringing some game-changing improvements to the game, including changes to the purchase system and player loadouts. The buy menu now allows players to return purchases during the freeze time of each round, giving them more flexibility in their purchasing decisions. This new system is similar to Valorant’s, which is not surprising considering that Counter-Strike is the basis for the popular new tactical shooter.

Another major change to the game is the addition of player loadouts. Now, players can choose their loadouts heading into matches, selecting 15 weapons from 3 different categories. This is a big change from the previous system where players were limited to either the M4A4 or the M4A1-S. Now, players can choose any 5 pistols, any 5 mid-tier weapons, and any 5 rifles, giving them more options and flexibility in their playstyle.

Workshop Tools

Another exciting feature is the addition of workshop tools, which allow players to create and share unique weapon finishes, stickers, and maps. This means that players can customize their game experience in a way that was previously impossible, adding a level of personalization that will be sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.

The Hammer level editor also received some much-needed improvements, including GPU-accelerated raytracing to accelerate the compile process. This means that players can create their own custom maps more quickly and easily than ever before.

Overall, the latest update to Counter-Strike 2 is sure to keep fans of the franchise engaged and excited for the future. With new features and tools at their fingertips, players are sure to find new ways to enjoy this classic game for years to come.

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